Reviewing and Facilitation Opportunities for EOL Alumni

Alumni of our Ecology of Leadership courses are invited to return to the program in one of two capacities. Many alumni find value in “reviewing” the program, by returning for a second time. If you are interested in reviewing, you may register directly. Another pathway for EOL alums called to deepen their practice, give back to the community, and develop their capacity to support others is to apply to join the Facilitation Path for an upcoming program. Please see descriptions for these pathways below.

Reviewing - Deepening & Integration

The option of returning to the EOL journey as a reviewer is designed for those alumni/ae who would like to continue to deepen their process and integrate their learning while being held in the village. As reviewers, alums go through the core Ecology of Leadership Program as participants once more – reviewing the material, deepening their learning, and working through further layers of their process and leadership development as they walk towards their creative scenes. Many alumni have chosen this pathway, and have received even greater benefit from the EOL journey in their second round.

This is an excellent opportunity for individuals who have been away from EOL for a while and want to renew these practices in their lives, especially given that the EOL program has continued to evolve significantly over the years. It is also a wonderful pathway for those who have participated recently and feel they would receive value from continuing to be part of the EOL container.

Reviewing can also be an excellent option for those who would like to accompany a partner, spouse, friend, or family member through the process.

Commitment to the full 4 or 6-month EOL journey required. You can also review the core of EOL in the upcoming 3-day Intensive. Individual coaching support optional.

Tuition for Reviewers:

2015 4-month Summer Intensive: $1250
2015 6-month Fall Core Immersion: $1800
2015 September 3-day Intensive: $295

If you would like to speak with an alum who has reviewed to discuss the benefits of this process, please be in touch with the leadership team and we will connect you with someone.

The Facilitation Path – Level 1 - EOL in Action

The Facilitation Path could be a great fit for you if you are feeling called to more deeply integrate and root your EOL experience, learning, and practices into your life, and if you would like to step further into leadership and service by exploring and developing capacity to hold space and support the container of an EOL circle.

As part of your journey as a facilitator, you will...

  • -  Deepen your own learning and further integrate your own EOL journey

  • -  Cultivate your EOL practice in all areas of your life

  • -  Learn effective, transferable leadership and facilitation skills

  • -  Explore your roots and canopy as you lean further into your creative scenes

  • -  Hold space for other people’s learning and unfolding

  • -  Participate in and contribute to the evolution of EOL programming

  • How it works:

  • -  Attend every weekend of the 4 or 6-month EOL program (you can also join the team for the 3- day Intensive), including a special one-day launch gathering for the Facilitation Team on the day before program launch (for the summer intensive, that is Friday, May 22, for the Fall Immersion the pre-launch meeting day is Thursday, Nov. 5th); evening prep gatherings on subsequent evenings leading up to each EOL weekend gathering (6-9pm), and debriefs on the Sunday evenings of EOL weekends (approx. 6-7:30pm)

  • -  Participate in 1-2 facilitator conference calls each month to prepare for, collaborate on, and debrief the EOL course weekends

  • -  Take on being a support resource to a group (pod) of 5-6 program participants between EOL course weekends, via email, phone, and conference calls

  • -  Take on facilitating select program elements with guidance and in collaboration with the instructors and other alums on the Facilitation Path

  • -  Create and engage an individual development plan and learning objectives

  • -  Walk on your facilitation edges during weekends and outside of the weekend context

  • -  Do focused Creative Scene work and stay committed to integrating your EOL tools

  • -  Dance on your leadership edges in a community process

  • -  Participate in the facilitation team’s buddy system

  • If you are an alum interested in joining the Facilitation Path, please submit an application, which can be found on the online EOL Facilitation team application. Please note that you must have completed a full immersion EOL process (4 or 6 month) in order to apply for the Facilitation team.

    Tuition for Members of the Facilitation Team at this Level 1:

  • 2015 4-month Summer Intensive: $800-1600 (sliding scale)
    2015 6-month Fall Core Immersion: $1200-1800 (sliding scale)
    2015 September 3-day Intensive: $300-450 (sliding scale)

  • The Facilitation Path – Level 2 – Deepening Service

    The second level of the facilitation path is designed for alums coming out of Level 1, who feel further called to deepen their learning and want to move towards taking on more leadership.

    Alums participating at Level 2 will be required to participate as Level 1 facilitators do, but with additional responsibilities based on the needs of the program and their specific learning and growth objectives.

    This offering is available by direct conversation with the leadership team. Tuition is sliding scale.